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This Epic Life Podcast

May 9, 2019

There’s no topic that fills us with fear, regret, and confusion quite like suicide. You can tell by the title of this episode, it's a departure from our usual interview format.

*If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please call the suicide hotline 24 hours a day at 1-(800) 273-8255.

The intention behind this “Meditation on Suicide” episode is to create perspective, and hopefully meaning in an act that holds so much heaviness, and finality.

We lost an old friend recently, who took his own life. Although his loss itself is so much bigger than however he passed, his death filled us with such shock, and sadness.

I recorded this 37-minute reflection as an attempt to gain perspective on something that initially left us with more questions than answers.

The format was: Meditate for 60 minutes, chant, then speak for 40. (Plus, minor editing for content, and to intersperse with music.) Recorded Sunday, May 5th 2019.

In this episode, we explore the emotions, regrets, and many lessons following a sudden passing.

We also look at the struggles of life— and suicide— from both the physical body (ego), and soul’s perspective.

We conclude by celebrating an epic life well-lived, ending with a short chant. This episode is respectfully dedicated to the loving memory of Zachary Hirt, and all who loved him. The cuisine in Heaven just got a whole lot zestier. Zack was an outstanding Executive Chef, and Founder of Nuevo Modern Mexican in Cleveland, and Akron, OH.

Paramahansa Yogananda used to share the story of a dying youth in India, who, hearing the sobs of grief around him, cried: --

“Insult me not with your cries of sympathy.

When I soar to the land of eternal light and love; it is I who should feel for you. For me, disease, shattering of bones, sorrow, excruciating heartaches no more.

I dream joy, I glide in joy, I breathe in joy evermore.”

Om Shanti, Amen. We love you, and we miss you Zack.