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This Epic Life Podcast

Mar 30, 2020

As we navigate our current waves of uncertainty, we may confront our need for healing on some level. In more predictable circumstances, we can often get away without having to look in our darkest corners.

Today's guest was on a collision course with childhood trauma, and once he was able to see it, his life had become dangerously unsustainable. By outward appearances, he was a successful start-up founder and entrepreneur. On the inside, he constantly battled suicidal thoughts and addiction.

As we will hear, healing came in the form of writing, meditation and surrendering to the love of family. 

When Robert Imbeault began writing his new book Before I Leave You— A Memoir on Suicide, Addiction, and Healing, he planned on it being a suicide letter. He was in the midst of a five-year drug and alcohol binge that began after the sudden resurfacing of horrific childhood trauma he experienced as an 8-year old. Not having the tools to heal himself, he turned to writing.

As Rob discovered meditation and therapy to help process his trauma, he kept finding reasons to keep writing. Eventually found his way to sobriety. Along the way he regained his health, lost 70 lbs, and retired from his fast-paced life as an entrepreneur to help his wife raise two young daughters.

His new memoir shares his real and visceral account of how he clawed his way back from the brink, forgave himself, and wrote an incredible new ending to his story.


About Robert Imbeault:

Robert Imbeault is a successful entrepreneur and childhood sexual abuse survivor. Robert was raised by a single mother in a failing steel town, straddling the line between poor and destitute,. Through his life, Robert has gone from sleeping on the street to building and selling successful startups, and even meeting the Queen of England.

He’s had an essay published in The Globe and Mail, was profiled in Courage Magazine for his pioneering work with the Cancer Foundation, and was a recipient of the 2010 Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 Award. Recently retired, Robert spends time writing, reading, and enjoying his wonderful wife Elmira, and their 2 young daughters.

We profile his brand-new book today, Before I Leave You— A Memoir on Suicide, Addiction, and Healing.


Connect with Robert + His Work

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Before I Leave You on Barnes + Noble

Before I Leave You  - Good Reads

Essay on  discovering a sister
he never knew existed... (Globe & Mail)




You will learn in this conversation:


  • His backstory in reverse-chronological order, beginning with his current happy ending, and traveling through 4 years of sobriety, the years of workaholism and partying that preceded it, recalling his trauma, and eventual healing.
  • We go deep into how meditation has helped his healing from trauma and addiction.
  • We talk about the many tolls addiction takes on relationships, and how to heal those relationships.
  • The power of writing as a vehicle for healing.
  • His family’s lifestyle design, traveling all over the world.