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This Epic Life Podcast

Apr 3, 2019

Lodro Rinzler reminds me what’s possible when we surrender to our path. That’s not to say the guy doesn’t have an incredible work ethic, but as you’ll hear, there’s an immense power and grace to embracing who we’ve always known ourselves to be.

For most of us, it’s easy to ignore, or drown out that little voice that reminds us Who We Really Are.

Not Lodro.

I’m blown away by his consistency, passion, and his commitment to not only walk his path, but to also train other teachers to find their own.

After leaving college, he was recruited to lead one of Boston’s largest meditation centers. Around this time he began leading numerous workshops throughout the United States, and to date has taught meditation at locations as diverse as Google, Harvard, and the Obama White House.

In 2015, he founded MNDFL (spelled capitol MNDFL), which is NYC's premier drop-in meditation studio. Over the last couple years MNDFL has expanded into three studios, an online portal of teachings, and a non-profit arm which brings meditation into the education system.

We cover a ton of ground in the conversation that follows, beginning with probably the darkest year of his life.

We hear Lodro’s tips on navigating an increasingly uncertain world, and his relaxed approach to writing, and publishing so many books. We conclude with an epic bequeathal. I couldn’t help but pass on a gift that gave us both a bit of a laugh.

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