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This Epic Life Podcast

Mar 17, 2020

What do you recall about being a teenager? Was it fun for you? I recall having big dreams, while also being relentlessly uncomfortable with myself.

Many clients, friends, and fellow parents have taken an interest in our 15 year-old daughter Elliott's emerging career as a professional singer, and songwriter. Elliott first performed alongside me when she was 8, singing "Hallelujah" to our packed yard of neighbors during Akron's PorchRokr event.

A clip of her magical, first-attempt at public performance is included in today's episode, along with other snippets of her musical evoltion.

...And she has never stopped.

In the last 7 years, Elliott found her "soul-bro's" in their band Detention, which has garnered regional radio play, and plenty of press as winners in the 24th Tri-C High School Rock Off at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

About their winning performance, Barry Gabel, Senior VP for Live Nation said: “The band was tight, fun, exciting, and had the audience going crazy!” 

Although SXSW was postponed this year, Detention was invited to showcase, and has been drawing more national attention since their Rock Hall win.

The most fascinating piece for us as parents, is watching Elliott find, and own her authentic voice. It's one thing to sing in tune, and another thing to inspire fellow young women, or navigate ways of working with her 3 bandmates. Through it all we are witnessing the becoming of a true music-obsessed artist.

Elliott performs a brand-new song she wrote at the end of this episode.

As you may hear, I've never been more uncomfortable in an interview. We want the best for our kids, we hope we're not screwing them up, and we have zero idea what's about to come out of their mouths next! My goal was to provide an unfiltered view of modern-day parenting, as well some ideas on how to engage the people we love into becoming the highest version of themselves.

We cover communication, the thin line between parenting and coaching, where we completely disagree, and the bridge of love and infinite possibility that is music.

Semi-Pro-TIPS: Make music accessible everywhere. Crank the vinyl. Leave instruments around that are in-tune and ready to be played. Create the environment where kids can let themselves get lost in the love of practicing. 

Please enjoy this far-ranging conversation with our amazing daughter, and resident Young-Woman-Rockstar— Elliott Rose Carter.